Limited Edition of six.


The Wak Fabric Trench Coat  is handprinted by Babbarra Designs artist  Melba Gunjarrwanga and lined with Liberty London fabric. 


Melba Gunjarrwanga is a Kuninjku artist and is a skilled printmaker, sculptor, weaver and bark painter. Melba has taken part in group exhibitions across Australia and the world and her work is held in the National Gallery of Australia and most state art galleries. 


The Wak, Black Crow Dreaming, Design design depitcts a sacred site at 'Kurruldul' an outstation south of Maningrida. The 'rarrk' or abrstract crosshatching on this work repesents the design for the crow totem ancestor called 'Djimarr'. Today this being exists in the form of a rock, which is permanently submerged at the bottom of Kurrurldul Creek. The 'Djimarr' rock is said to move around and call a soft hooting tone at night. Both the stone itself and the area around it are considered sacred. See  


Designed with the customary “Trench” bells and whistles, the WakTrench Coat is hand printed, lined with Liberty London fabric and breaks all fashion rules with its big 70s collar and vibrant colours.


Double stitched and light as a feather our SALOON Trench is the perfect springtime addition to

every outfit.


100% Cotton Handprinted Artwork by Babbarra Designs artist Melba Gunjarrwanga

100% Cotton Liberty London Fabric


Double stitched

Deep pockets

Big 70s collar

Shoulder and wrist tabs

Covered belt, buckle and buttons

Limited edition of 6 in total


Want us to help you choose the right size? - see information on our sizing chart. *However, as we make such limited editions, we will suggest a size adjustment only if other sizes are available

WAK Fabric Trench Coat