During bushfire, drought, flood, and pandemic we’ve followed a thread through crisis: Determination, grit and resilience; Community and solidarity; Renewal and hope.

Against the backdrop of unstoppable forces, we’ve had to grapple with big questions and with our inner nature; What do we want? What do we stand for? What will we choose? Our strongest parts prevail and take on new clarity. Our bonds are strengthened and our conviction is sure. A Force of Nature is born.


From its outset, Saloon Design House has been committed to local production and community collaboration, designing for women of strength, substance and intelligence. Designers Jane Magnus and Dena Pharaoh Pezzano bring these sensibilities to every facet of their bespoke Australian label. Saloon is proud to be real slow fashion – made by hand, in limited run collections, using natural fibres, ethical suppliers, found and recycled materials.

Tucked away from the grind of the city, Saloon is situated in the Southern Tablelands of NSW, on Yuin County, surrounded by forests, rivers, and mountain ranges. The label has always found a muse in these elements of nature, but never more as now.


Force of Nature presents a cross-seasonal collection in extremely limited edition, with just 20 of each item being produced. The collection presents new cuts and re-workings of iconic Saloon styles, and a steadfast dedication to sustainability, durability and comfort.

Saloon’s signature Liberty prints collide with collected fabrics from around the world in a cocktail of optimism, chaos and beauty. Vintage aesthetics meet contemporary values in pieces to make your own. Florals and corduroy give a nod to the original flower-child, while luxe velvets and structured tailoring mean business. And a Saloon woman is not afraid to get her hands dirty: Force of Nature introduces serious work-wear with the sturdy Rainforest Warrior overall or pant and vest set featuring the Saloon patch – an emblematic reminder of what’s most important.

The forces of nature and her capacity for destruction remind us often of our concerns for the planet. We are completely at her mercy as She protests the diverse challenges of the changing climate, infectious diseases and ecological degradation. Yet she also shows her regenerative power - rain, floods, re-growth. In all of this, She demands respect, and urges that we remember we are part of the system, not outside of it. These raw forces exist within us also.

We can change the way we live on this earth for the better: speaking truth to power, changing our habits, making, creating, caring, nurturing and inspiring - we have the capacity for good. We use our minds, hearts and hands to shape the future of our choosing.

Mother Earth can still thrive. The collective human force of nature can too inspire awe. As both a celebration of strength and hope and a call to arms, we hand this collection over to you. Nature shows the way with her ferocity, tenacity and beauty – let’s join forces.

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Our Story

A portion of every sale from our Phoenix Rising Collection is donated to our local Wildlife Rescue Fund.

We employ local models.

Liberty London fabrics have the highest ethical production rating available.

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